Item 201PM Moonstone

34,00 incl. BTW

A lot of different colours in this chocolate Moonstone drilled pendant. It’s 1.9cm square and weighs 4.3 grams

Look for the rubber/silver necklace at Item 122SK or the silver omega Item 121SN(different sizes)


Moonstone comes in a range of colours including grey, brown, green, pink and rainbow. Moonstone is mined in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Australia, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Brazil Chocolate Moonstone is a rare find of moonstone crystal.  It is the birthstone for June and is a zodiac stone for Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio. The Rainbow Moonstone is one of the most popular gemstones, due to its glowing sheen of blue and white which resembles magical moonlight. But this special glow is found in all colour ranges of the Moonstone.

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