Item 133PS Sodalite

24,00 incl. BTW

A very nice shape in this Sodalite set in 925 Sterling Silver. Extra product picture of the backside.  The size of the pendant is 3.7cm x 5.2cm long.


The spiritual meanings of Sodalite are wisdom, clarity of thought, creativity, and cosmic beauty. Sodalite usually comes in a beautiful royal blue colour, often with white specks and white veins running on it and through it. It’s an opaque stone that comes in different shades of blue, more often blue grey flecked with white calcite. Sodalite is one of the birthstone for Sagittarius. It was first discovered in Greenland in the 19th century. Nowadays, it can also be found in Portugal, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Russia, Australia, Tanzania, and China. Rare kinds of Sodalite have also been found in Namibia and in Vesuvius, Italy.

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