Item 507NB Bronzite

49,00 incl. BTW

Beautiful flakes of gold in these Bronzite square beads (6x6mm) combined with faceted 4mm Bronzite beads finished with a Goldfilled lobster clasp and in between beads. The length is 44cm

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Bronzite is a gemological name for Enstatite. Bronzite is the iron-bearing variety of enstatite, very commonly found in meteorites. It’s a beautiful stone in chocolate brown colour and easy to recognice because of the shimmering golden swirls Bronzite has. Bronzite also works as a guardian stone that will protect you from negative energies by neutralizing and transmuting them. Some notable occurrences for this stone include the Czech Republic, Austria, Madagascar, Brazil, and USA. Zodiac Stone of Leo, it’s not a traditional birthstone for any month.

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