Item 442EZ Zircon

25,00 incl. BTW

Beautiful sparkle of the light in these faceted Zircon beads set in 925 Sterling Silver studs, size round 6mm


Zircon is a tetragonal crystal, similar to druzy crystal which occurs in different shades and combinations of yellow, brown, green, black, gray, and red, and is often colorless. Thailand, Sri Lanka, Austria, Australia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangkok, Nigeria, Madagascar, Norway, Afghanistan, Mozambique, France, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Canada all have rich deposits of Zircon Crystal, while it is easily available in many other parts of the world too. The meaning of the zircon birthstone is wisdom, prosperity, and confidence. Zircon symbolizes these traits and is thought to aid in sleep quality and warding off evil spirits. During the Victorian era, this December birthstone was a prized gem, often adorned in necklaces and other decorative pieces.

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