Item 438NG Garnet

52,00 incl. BTW

Gorgeous combination of cabuchon Garnet beads in 2 different shapes round 5mm and discs 4mm. I made this necklace with a 925 Sterling Silver pendant (3.5 x 1.3cm) set with one cabuchon Garnet, and one faceted Garnet. It has a lobster clasp and in between beads in 925 Sterling Silver, length 47.5cm


Garnets were highly popular in Europe, in 18th and 19th centuries. They were frequently used for jewelry in the Victorian times. It is available in many colours and offers great versatility. The garnet occurs in generous quantities in certain parts of the world like in Africa, India, Russia, South America, Madagascar, Pakistan, and the United States. There are many beliefs in the power garnet has over the not just physical health, but mental health as well. Garnet is the birthstone for January

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