Item 380NI Imperial Jasper

55,00 incl. BTW

A lovely variation of green colours combined with a muddy light brown colourtone in this beautiful Jasper! The beads are 18mm round with 10mm disc in between. The necklace is made with a big 925 Sterling Silver lobster clasp and is 52cm long.


Imperial Jasper is considered to be one of the five fine jaspers. Each stone has a unique pattern including branding colour variation and streaking. Metaphysically, Imperial Jasper is known as a spiritual and healing stone.  Imperial Jasper is found about 50 miles northwest of Guadalajara, Mexico on the east side of a steep canyon.  Pink Imperial, Brown Imperial, Green Imperial, Spiderweb Imperial, Select Imperial, and Royal Imperial are all names associated with these various jasper deposits.

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