Item 260EK Coral

20,00 incl. BTW

A real beautiful red colour in this polished Sponge Coral round beads 10mm, made with 4mm Sterling Silver studs and total hanging length of 2.2cm

Matches great with the necklace Item 394NK


Coral is an organic gemstone. It is derived from under the Sea. Chemically, Coral is Calcium Carbonate with small percentage of Magnesium Carbonate & traces of Iron Oxide. Coral comes in different colours, primarily in the shades of Red, ranging from Pale Pink to Dark Red. Coral also comes in White & Black colours. Currently, The Best quality Corals come from Japan and Italy. Italian Coral is more preferred these days as they have more uniformity and depth in colour than Japanese corals. Mining of corals has been restricted in major parts of the world as uncontrolled mining may cause damage to marine ecosystem.

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