Item 216NO Peruvian pink Opal

72,00 incl. BTW

Love this pretty pink necklace! The different shades of pink in the Opal beads (8mm) make a gorgeous combination with the beautiful “Tiffany Stone” pendant from Utah USA.  The pendant is 4cm long and made with 925 Sterling Silver as well as the beads in the necklace and the lobster clasp. Total length is 48.5cm

Also look for the matching earrings Item 149EO

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Peruvian Opal is the national stone of Peru and it is relatively rare and can only be found in the Andes mountains. Its internal crystalline composition is random, meaning this gemstone lacks the colour play or fire of a usual Opal.  Peru Pink Opal is high in silica and this opal is almost a light to bright pink chalcedony. Pink opal is also found in western Australia. Pink opal is considered stable and also known as pink Andean Opal or Angelskin Opal.  This stone has the power of relaxation and it’s an excellent stone for calming the mind and considered useful for a good nights sleep.

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