Item 215EA Apatite

17,00 incl. BTW

Two different shapes of Apatite beads (round 6mm) made with 4mm Sterling Silver studs and 925 Sterling Silver black patinated beads. Total hanging length of 3.2cm


Apatite is a very interesting gemstone which has a rather unusual connection to humans – it is made up of calcium and phosphate which happens to be the most common mineral in our bodies. Perhaps this is why it can have such a profound influence on us. Apatite comes in a wide range of colours but the most common are the blues, greens and yellows. Colours have a spiritual meaning all of their own – green can symbolize growth and rebirth, blue signifies wisdom and loyalty while yellow brings joy and optimism. Blue Apatite is connected to the throat Chakra and  Apatite is not a traditional birthstone.

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