Item 197NB Boulder Opal

67,00 incl. BTW

This necklace is made of 3 Boulder Opal matrix pendants and combined with Bronzite faceted beads (6 and 4mm) finished with Goldfilled beads and clasp. The pendants show the beautiful natural pattern of the hard rock where the Opal veins form in. Because of it hardness it has a great shine after polishing.  Total length 46cm


Boulder Opal is a unique and beautiful opal found in Queensland, Australia. It is easily identifiable because it is a mixture of ironstone and opal either in a matrix or layered. Every stone is unique and they are arguably the most affordable opal available. Another interesting type of Boulder Opal is the wood replacement fossil. These stones have replaced a cavity left over by old wood. This creates a stone with a unique wood pattern.

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