Item 385NS Spinel multicoloured

89,00 incl. BTW

Beautiful warm nature tones in this Spinel necklace made with cabochon 4mm beads combined with a 925 Sterling Silver “Ginkgo leaf” pendant. The necklace is completed with a Rhodium coated 925 Sterling Silver lobster clasp and has a length of 45.5cm


Most of the spinels of a “ruby-red colour” are produced from alluvial deposits in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and other countries. Other countries where spinel is mined include: Afghanistan, Nepal, Tajikistan, Australia, Madagascar, Nigeria, and Tanzania. While August’s newly designated official birthstone is widely recognized in its deep red variety, spinel is also available in a wide range of colours. Pure spinel is colourless, but impurities give rise to a spectrum of choices, from peach, pink and red to green, blue and purple.

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