Item 230NM Mookaite Set, Necklace, Bracelet, Eearrings

112,00 incl. BTW

Necklace 46cm, Bracelet 21.5cm, Earrings 2 pair

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Mookaite, also called Australian Jasper, is found in a wide range of vibrant, earthy colors. The colours of Mookaite are predominantly coloured yellow, mustard, white, brown, red, and shades of pink and purple. It is found around Carnarvon Basin in Western Australia. Mooka is an Aboriginal word meaning running water.  Mookaite promotes strength, vitality, courage and physical healing.  Mookaite which is dominantly red in color is the natural birth stone of those born in mid-autumn (October 22 – November 20).

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