Item 225ES Orange Sodalite

52,00 incl. BTW

Beautiful Orange Sodalite in these flat elongated earrings size 9×3.3mm on 925 Sterling Silver design studs (8mm) combined with 925 black patinated Sterling Silver beads.  Total hanging length 5.5cm

Look for the matching pendant at Item 168PS



Orange sodalite comes in deep blue tones mixed with pale, peachy oranges. ( orange calcite ) Sodalite tends to exhibit a vitreous luster with a greasy luster on fractures. It is transparent to opaque, and can be interspersed with white calcite inclusions that appear like veins or patches. Sodalite is found all over the world. It is named after its sodium content.  Sodalite is the birthstone for Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

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