Item 214PR Rhodochrosite

95,00 incl. BTW

A gorgeous pattern, in this 925 Sterling Silver pendant, that is so typical for Rhodochrosite! The silver “tube” for the necklace is 5mm. The stone has a size of 3.5×2.5cm and weighs 28 grams.


Its colour is in shades of pink-red and sometimes even orange- pink, with inclusions of various colours, including white, brown, yellow and orange. This may depend on where it comes from but most stones are predominantly pink. Rhodochrosite for lapidary and mineral specimen use is only found in a few locations worldwide. These include Argentina, South Africa, Peru, Montana, Colorado, Russia, Romania, Spain, China, Gabon, Mexico, and Japan. With its pink/red colour influence its a natural birthstone of those born in mid-autumn (October 22 – November 20) and  bring you energy, courage, passion, and love. Rhodochrosite is a zodiac stone for those born under the sign Scorpio.

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