Item 209EP Porcelain Jasper

15,00 incl. BTW

Porcelain Jasper earrings made with round beads 10mm, combined with 925 Sterling Silver and closed hooks. Total hanging length is 4cm

Look for the matching necklace at Item 326NP



Porcelain Jasper is an unusual Jasper and one which shows the colours of white, grey, black, peach, pink and lavender. It is also known as Exotica Jasper or Sci-Fi Jasper. Porcelain Jasper is said to support all healing processes and also strengthen the constitution in general. Porcelain Jasper like another Jasper belongs to the quartz family. It is opaque in nature and contains 20% of extraneous materials. Porcelain Jasper mostly comes from the Mountains of Sonora in Mexico.

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