Item 193NS Spinel

35,00 incl. BTW

Wonderful light from these black Spinel faceted beads (2mm) necklace with a 925 Sterling Silver “Ohm” pendant (2.4cm hanging).  I used Rhodium 925 Sterling Silver for the clasp,  length 44cm. You can also wear the necklace without the pendant, it is not attached.

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Spinel comes in many shades from transparent (colourless) to shades of pink, red, blue, yellow, green, brown and black. It brings the mind stability and happiness and reduces the symptoms of depression and harmonises the structure of chakras by healing them along the spine thus named as spinel. Black spinel is highly reflective and does not feature the same metallic overtone that many other black stones do. It’s a gorgeous deep black in appearance. They are widely found in the areas of Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Tanzania and Tajikistan.

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